About Us

Rea Memorials is part of Rea Funeral Service - a family business with a heritage of over 95 years.

We work with a number of specialist stonemasons across the Northeast meaning that we can provide a wide range of high quality and lasting memorials.

Choosing a tribute may appear quite daunting at first. Which shape? How big? What material? What colour? What inscription to write? But don’t worry we can help you every step of the way.

We can offer a complete service including helping you to choose a fitting memorial including guidance on any relevant Churchyard or Cemetery regulations, advising on a suitable inscription, providing a detailed no obligation estimate of costs, applying for permissions and authorities on your behalf, sourcing the memorial and overseeing it’s fixing to ensure it meets relevant health and safety and anchoring regulations.

We can also arrange to add inscriptions to existing memorials, clean and re-paint or re-gild faded inscriptions and carvings or replace missing lead lettering.  

Our stonemasons can also repair damaged headstones or those deemed to be unsafe by local Council or cemetery officials ensuring they are re-fixed to meet all relevant regulations.

Rea Memorials has placed new headstones and memorials, cleaned, repaired and replaced existing memorials in many churchyards and cemeteries across the Northeast and further afield.

Our aim is to ensure that whatever type of memorial you choose proves to be a fitting reminder of your loved one. Taking the time with you to ensure we give you a memorial that stands the test of time.

Hi, my name is Mark Lawrence, I am the Memorials Coordinator for Rea Memorials.  My role is to help families to choose a fitting memorial, ensuring all the necessary paperwork is completed and liaising with our local Church and Cemetery colleagues and specialist local Stonemasons.
Working as part of a close knit team within a small family business is really enjoyable. We can laugh together but also recognise when formality and dignity is demanded. I think I have a good eye for detail which comes in useful - especially when  navigating churchyard rules and regulations for a memorial application.