Cremation Urns and Caskets

Malvern £200

A Light Oak ashes casket.

Tameside £190

A Dark Mahogany ashes casket.

Tanton £190

A Medium Oak ashes casket.

Quaker From £280

A handcrafted personalised ashes casket available in a range of colours and designs and traditional font.

Carmel From £350

An Oak ashes casket wrapped in a stock picture. Personalised pictures can also be wrapped. 

Journey Earth £65

Hand-crafted from sustainably produced, biodegradable paper. When placed in water they float briefly then sink to the bottom, where they break down naturally over time. 

Unity Floral £65

Hand-crafted from the bark of a Mulberry tree using an ancient technique that allows the bark to be harvested without destroying the tree, to produce a sustainable biodegradable paper. 

Scatter Tubes From £25

  • Scatter Tube 7.jpg
  • Scatter Tube 8.jpg
  • Scatter Tube 6.jpg
  • Scatter Tube 4.jpg
  • Scatter Tube 5.jpg
  • Scatter Tube 2.png
  • Scatter Tube 3.png

Available in small (13cm) Medium (23cm) and Large (37cm) and in a variety of designs. Personolised scatter tubes are available. 

Celest From £190

  • UFU-FPU004.jpg
  • UFU-FPU003.jpg
  • UFU-FPU002.jpg
  • UFU-FPU001.jpg

The Celest urn range is an elegant, glossy and contemporary take on the classic and symbolic teardrop shape which will
complement most interior décor.

Odyssee From £80

  • UFU-FPU104set.jpg
  • UFU-FPU103set.jpg
  • UFU-FPU102set.jpg

The metal alloy urn range is notable for its contemporary take on traditional shapes and symbols, and for its ability to complement
most interior décor.

Crystal From £130

Made from the world-famous Bohemian crystal. This crystal from the Czech Republic is
characterised by having the same sparkle as diamonds.
Each urn is hand blown by an experienced professional and is an exclusive piece of art.

Traditional Metal From £70

Aluminium urns are traditional and look particularly attractive in a period setting

Tradtional Metal Coloured From £70

Aluminium urns are traditional and look particularly attractive in a period setting.

Marble From £60

The stone that is used for these marble urns comes from highly-prized stone caves in Asia.
Each urn is finished and polished by hand. As marble is a natural product, no two marble urns will ever be the same.

Ceramic £295

  • UFU-KU006.jpg
  • UFU-KU004.jpg

Differing ingredients, colours and firing processes make for a beautiful range of ceramic urns.
The classic qualities of fired ceramic make this range of urns an attractive choice. 

Ceramic Heart From £250

A beautiful ceramic urn.The removable magnetic heart of the larger ceramic urn can be filled with a token amount of ashes.

Bronze Teardrop From £80

 These Urns are a work of art and makes a stunning feature in any setting. Companion urns in this ceramic finish are also

Lotus £899

This stainless steel lotus flower is simply breathtaking…
Its sculptural petals surround a central ashes chamber. Perfect for a garden memorial. 

Swarovski £210

  • UVO-BU1589.png
  • UVO-BU1549.png
  • UVO-BU1579.png
  • UVO-BU1559.png
  • UVO-BU1529.png
  • UVO-BU1539.png
  • UVO-BU1519.png

Made from Arboform (a sustainable thermoplastic material) but are decorated
with crystals which have been individually applied by hand.
Arboform is ideal for display purposes but can also be buried as the material itself is 100% biodegradable.

Steel £150

The classic qualities of steel make this urn a contemporary, durable and economical

Wood £350

This traditional, durable wooden urn is characterised by it's extraordinary quality and finish. The popularity of wooden urns
endures due to their connection to the natural world and the uniqueness afforded by the raw material.

Biodegradable £120

Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable urn
which has been designed to biodegrade fully over a short period of weeks.